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    6 Ways To Live Better in a For-Sale Home



    Here are six ways you can make your life in a for-sale home less stressful.


    Your home has always been your sanctuary, but as soon as that for-sale sign goes up in your yard, you need to be ready to lay it all bare. Strangers and real estate agents will be combing through every nook and cranny all while you’re trying to continue living as normally as possible. We have a few tips to help you manage all that chaos:

    1. Start packing now. The secret to making a home look as clean as possible is to pack everything you can live without while it’s on the market.

    2. Declutter. Store it, sell it, chuck it, or donate it. This won’t just give you a leg up on moving; but buyers will appreciate the extra space.

    3. Deep clean. A clean house can get you $5,000 to $10,000 on your home sale, so get motivated to clean those cobwebs, scrub the floors, and polish those mirrors.

    Store, sell, chuck, or donate all of that needless clutter.

    4. Maintain your privacy and safety. Buyers will rummage through your medicine cabinet, drawers, and cabinets. Don’t keep anything you would want people to see or any of your valuables in the house, and make sure your agent insists the buyer agents accompany their clients on walk-throughs.

    5. Involve your kids. Make the prep process a game and challenge them to clean up the fastest. You might be surprised how cooperative they are when you do this.

    That’s all of the tips we have today. If you have questions about how to live a better life in your for-sale home or anything else related to real estate, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to help.

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