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4 Crucial Steps to Take Before Listing

Four steps you need to take before listing your home for sale.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, now’s a pretty good time to do so. There’s been a shocking drop in inventory, and in the absence of competition, you may be able to command a nice price for your house. Additionally, mortgage rates are currently very competitive and fueling buyer demand. Here are four steps you should take when you put your home up for sale:

1. Find the right agent to work with. Hire someone with reasonable fees, who can help you price your home competitively, and who knows the area as well. Homes today are selling for much higher prices, but that doesn’t mean you should charge more than usual. It can actually benefit you to charge less for your home because it’ll attract more buyers and spur a bidding war.

2. Repairs. Repair any glaring issues with your home so that you don’t turn away potential buyers.

“Believe it or not, listing your home in the middle of the week could result in a higher sales price.”

3. Staging. Stage your home and declutter so that it’s more appealing to buyers.

4. List during the week. List your home on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Doing so could result in a higher sales price. Data from Redfin reveals that homes listed on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday typically sell for $1,700 more and two days quicker. That said, also focus on pricing your home competitively.  

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