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Monthly Archives: December 2021

    6 Steps To Ensure Your Home Closes Smoothly

    By Blake Cory | December 28, 2021

    You just heard those magic words: Let’s make a deal. Now you have to get through escrow. So how can you make sure your home doesn’t go back on the market? Here are six steps you can take to make sure your home closes smoothly: 1. Carefully consider your sales price. If you’re working with... Read More

    How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Simultaneously

    By Blake Cory | December 14, 2021

    Today I have some helpful advice to share that will assist you in selling your current home and buying a new one without the fear of becoming homeless. The best option is to qualify for your next home purchase without selling, although that’s not possible for everyone. Ask your lender if you can qualify. If... Read More