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Monthly Archives: August 2019

    What Credit Score Do You Need To Buy A House?

    By Blake Cory | August 15, 2019

    .   There are many misconceptions about the credit score needed to buy a house. Recently, it was reported that 24% of renters believe they need a 780-800 credit score to be considered for a mortgage. The reality is they are misinformed! Only 25% of the Americans have a FICO® Score between 740 and 800. Here is... Read More

    Appreciation Is Strong: It Might Be Time to Sell

    By Blake Cory | August 9, 2019

    , There’s no doubt that today’s housing market is changing, and everything we see right now indicates it is time to sell. Here’s a look at why selling now is likely to drive the greatest return on your largest investment. Home values have been appreciating for several years now, growing at a strong, steady, and... Read More

    How to Increase Your Equity Over the Next 5 Years

    By Blake Cory | August 9, 2019

    . Many of the questions currently surrounding the real estate industry focus on home prices and where they are heading. The most recent Home Price Expectation Survey (HPES) helps target these projected answers. Here are the results from the Q2 2019 Survey: Home values will appreciate by 4.1% in 2019 The average annual appreciation will be 3.2% over... Read More

    One More Time… You Do Not Need 20% Down to Buy a Home

    By Blake Cory | August 9, 2019

    . . The largest obstacle renters face when planning to buy a home is saving for a down payment. This challenge is amplified by rising rents, which has eaten into the amount of money renters have leftover for savings each month after paying expenses. In combination with higher rents, survey after survey has shown that... Read More

    How Quickly Can You Save Your Down Payment?

    By Blake Cory | August 9, 2019

    . Saving for a down payment is often the biggest hurdle for a first-time homebuyer. Depending on where you live, median income, median rents, and home prices all vary. So, we set out to find out how long it would take to save for a down payment in each state. Using data from HUD, Census and Apartment List, we determined... Read More

    How Much Do You Know About Down Payments?

    By Blake Cory | August 9, 2019

    , . Whether you’ve owned a home before, or you’re ready to jump into homeownership for the first time, there are always a lot of questions swirling around about what is truly required for a down payment, and how to best source down payment assistance. Let’s tackle these two today. 1. How much do you... Read More

    Embassy Ave – A Home Sellers Fairytale

    By Blake Cory | August 8, 2019

    , Two Realtors couldn’t sell this house….  . Ron listed his home over a six-month period of time with two different real estate agents. First he trusted one of the top three teams in all of southern California based on unit sales with Remax, when his home sat on the market for an increasingly long... Read More