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    Navigating This Seller’s Market

    By Blake Cory | March 22, 2022

    Four helpful tips to help buyers navigate this market and win. Buyers sometimes wonder if it’s even worth trying to compete against other buyers in a seller’s market with very little inventory. It’s not unusual for a seller to receive 20 offers in the first week, but it’s still a good idea to write an... Read More

    4 Things To Look for in Your New Home

    By Blake Cory | March 4, 2022

    Four things you should consider before making an offer on a home. How do you know if you’re getting a good deal on a home? Buyers are often concerned about this as they search for a house, so we want to give you a few ways to tell. Take these four things into consideration before... Read More

    4 Crucial Steps to Take Before Listing

    By Blake Cory | February 15, 2022

    Four steps you need to take before listing your home for sale. If you’re thinking about selling your home, now’s a pretty good time to do so. There’s been a shocking drop in inventory, and in the absence of competition, you may be able to command a nice price for your house. Additionally, mortgage rates... Read More

    6 Tips To Buy a FSBO Listing

    By Blake Cory | February 1, 2022

    How do you buy a home when it’s been listed by the owner? A lot of people are trying to save money by listing their own homes in this market. You can save money by buying a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) home, but you can also get yourself into a lot of trouble if you aren’t sure... Read More

    Selling Homes in a Bad Location

    By Blake Cory | January 14, 2022

    Here are five ways you can sell a home with a bad location. Read More

    6 Steps To Ensure Your Home Closes Smoothly

    By Blake Cory | December 28, 2021

    You just heard those magic words: Let’s make a deal. Now you have to get through escrow. So how can you make sure your home doesn’t go back on the market? Here are six steps you can take to make sure your home closes smoothly: 1. Carefully consider your sales price. If you’re working with... Read More

    How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Simultaneously

    By Blake Cory | December 14, 2021

    Today I have some helpful advice to share that will assist you in selling your current home and buying a new one without the fear of becoming homeless. The best option is to qualify for your next home purchase without selling, although that’s not possible for everyone. Ask your lender if you can qualify. If... Read More

    5 Mistakes To Avoid in This Market

    By Blake Cory | November 29, 2021

    This is still a fast-paced and active seller’s market. That means you need to keep your eye on the ball when you’re looking to buy or sell. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, here are the five mistakes that you need to avoid in this real estate market if you want to get the best... Read More

    6 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

    By Blake Cory | October 19, 2021

    Here are six questions you should ask every agent before hiring them. Read More

    6 Ways To Live Better in a For-Sale Home

    By Blake Cory | October 4, 2021

    Here are six ways you can make your life in a for-sale home less stressful. Read More